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Party Set-up

At Slayers Femdom CP events, the focus is on good, old-fashioned spanking and CP. 

Proper, experienced disciplinarians, dishing out quality, genuine punishments.

All the ladies have been involved in the CP scene for several years, and are passionate about delivering accurate, authentic spankings. 

This is not a "free for all" or "wait your turn in the circle" style party. When you arrive, you will be introduced to the ladies attending that day - each will have a "dance card", as it were, and every gentleman (or naughty boy) will be called up individually for a mini 1-2-1 session with each lady. 

The venue is spacious enough for the ladies to spread out and offer some privacy in their own section of the venue, and any chaps not being dealt with remain in a curtained-off "chill-out" area with sofas, drinks and nibbles.

You will be able to discuss any limitations/preferences ('though we cannot guarantee every Slayer will be benevolent enough to "be kind" if it is requested!) and then enjoy an uninterrupted, no-nonsense spanking. If you wish to incorporate some role-play, this is absolutely possible.

You will see each lady for the same amount of time over the course of the party, sometimes with extra punishment cards dished out to keep you all on your toes.

The final event is a punishment in front of everyone, where you will receive a double caning, tawsing or paddling from all the ladies present, to ensure you leave with a real spring in your step!

The party takes place in a discrete venue just 3 minutes from Angel tube station, with excellent and easy transport links. 
A buffet is included to replenish you and the ladies- and maybe let your bottom cool down a little!

There is no bar at the venue, so no pressure to buy expensive drinks! 
You are most welcome to Bring Your Own Bottle for some Dutch Courage: we have a large fridge available to use, and there are multiple shops just seconds away from the venue.

Crime and Punishment Parties

(Slayers' Smaller Sister, running with 2 ladies and a maximum of 6 gents.
The primary difference is that none of the punishments are in front of other chaps, and proceedings are a little more formal. )

Like big sister party Slayers, Crime & Punishment involves private "mini 1-2-1 sessions" with each lady, to really get to the bottom of each individual's crime. (You have the option of choosing real crimes or misdemeanours, or alternatively we can make up something for you if you'd prefer to purely role-play. Alternatively you can keep things informal and just enjoy a good spanking!)

Upon arrival, each criminal will be given a number, and it will be this number that is used to summon you throughout the rest of the party. You will see each lady for the same amount of time, and the gents who are not being punished are kept in a waiting area where they can hear the sounds of their comrades being whacked, to really heighten the sense of anticipation! 

After a short refreshment break with a light buffet, you will experience the "quick fire" rounds - 5 min with each lady, in a more random order, to keep you on your toes!

This will all then be followed by a private double session with both ladies, where each individual is summoned, with their official disciplinary form, and spanked and caned as the ladies decide. 

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