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It should go without saying, but your privacy (and ours) is tantamount at our events. Pictures are only taken with the consent of all involved, and most of the time only your bottom will be in them because I'm really trying to get the lady in as the picture subject. 
If you have any issues with even your bottom being in the photograph then of course do just let me know. I am capable of taking the picture without your face or head being shown, and can also edit the picture appropriately.
Equally, if you want me to snap a shot of you over your favourite lady's knee, by all means that's fine too, and I'm happy to do that on your own phone or camera if the lady with you is comfortable with that.
We're usually having far too much spanking fun to actually take many pictures, but the ones I do take will be tagged #Slayers on my Twitter account, @HelloMissHunter, meaning you can find them all easily after the event, and several have made it on to the Fetlife Slayers group as well.

Here's a small selection of recent pics from the last few parties:

UK Mistresses and Disciplinarians attend the Slayers Spanking Parties in Central London for afternoons of Strict Lady CP/Corporal Punishment play in a discrete venue. Hand spanking OTK, Caning, Tawse on hands and bottom, spanking paddle, whip, hairbrush and many other safe, clean implements for a luxury spanking experience from top professionals.

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