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The Slayer Ladies are among the finest and most formidable disciplinarians in the UK. 
Hand-picked for their expertise and experience and all genuinely into delivering quality, accurate punishment. 

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Organiser of Slayers, and especially hard OTK spanker. Miss Hunter takes no prisoners.

Miss Fox is a seriously sexy woman, but don't let her beauty fool you into thinking she'll be kind...

Miss Reece is just plain hot. She'll toy with you, lure you in with her bombshell looks, and then blister your bottom.


Miss Donna Davenport

A true stalwart of the scene, Miss Donna has been known, loved and respected for many years now, and yet looks as young as ever. She's another pint-sized predator, and is renowned for her playful yet painful punishments. 

Ms Katerina Krieger

Ms Krieger is unable to have her facial photograph up on the website, sadly, but trust us when we say she is stunning. German, raven-haired, bombshell curves and long legs. She's also strict and very tough, with a sexy German accent to boot. You will not be disappointed!

Another left-handed lady, well-known for her wonderful strict work with English Spankers and Spanking Sarah. 


The stuff of legend - we've been hugely lucky to have The Hunteress join us for a couple of parties before she left the country. Her reputation precedes her, and bottoms were left VERY warm indeed.
Strict, Scottish and Simply Superb!

Burlesque Beauty Miss Red will leave your bottom just as her name implies!
UK Mistresses and Disciplinarians attend the Slayers Spanking Parties in Central London for afternoons of Strict Lady CP/Corporal Punishment play in a discrete venue. Hand spanking OTK, Caning, Tawse on hands and bottom, spanking paddle, whip, hairbrush and many other safe, clean implements for a luxury spanking experience from top professionals.
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