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Q: I've never been to a CP party before, is that ok?
Of course! We all have to start somewhere. The great thing about our parties is that we can cater for any and all levels of experience/tolerance. Plus you have a couple of minutes before each session begins to chat with each lady about your limits/likes/experience.  
The individual sessions are drawn up as a "dance card" rota, so that chaps get a little rest before seeing their next Slayer, and each lady has her own area in the venue to conduct her sessions in, so you get a good amount of privacy for these, away from the other gents.

Q: How long is each 1-2-1 session / when does the party end?
          There isn't a set time for this, as it will vary a little depending on how many gents attend - with a 3:1 ratio of gents:Slayers, the usual timing is around 20 minutes. There is a strict limit of 9 spaces for gents at the Slayers parties and a max of 6 gents at the smaller parties; I prefer to focus on the quality and amount of action rather than simply packing as many bodies as I can into the space. 
Usually the parties finish around 5:30pm. If you have a train or plane to catch, or somewhere to be which requires you leaving before these times, let me know in advance and I can schedule your final punishment to allow for this. 
Q: I'm really in to bondage and BDSM and dungeon activities - can I incorporate that?
Not at Slayers - to ensure it is a unique party concept I have themed it only around CP/Spanking/Discipline. Elements of Domestic Discipline might be used - scolding/corner time etc. and occasionally people might ask us to restrain their hands whilst over a bench to keep them still - but there are several excellent parties available in London that will cater for those wishing to explore their BDSM side beyond the realm of Slayers. I recommend (and sometimes appear at) the Circle of O events and Domina Parties, but there are many others.

Q: What about hygiene and cleanliness?

I am fastidious about cleaning the implements used at the parties, as it is a pet hate of mine to see unsafe or dirty items being used on multiple people, plus all the implements used at Slayers are my own. 
Cleaning products/disinfectant and hand cleanser are located with the implements on the day for the ladies to use in between the sessions. (and for everyone to use before lunch!) Hospital-grade cleaning products are used on canes that have broken skin. I am also qualified with a current First Aid at Work certificate for any injuries/accidents that may occur, with a first aid kit especially for the Slayers Parties.
If you are aware you have a "weak spot" as a regular player, we would advise you put a blister plaster or similar over this prior to the start of the party - it makes quite a difference, and we can apply this for you if you wish. We also very much advise all chaps who enjoy being spanked and punished to moisturise their bottoms frequently - it needn't be a scented fancy moisturiser at all. We recommend using Aloe Vera gel from Holland & Barrett or other chemists, but Nivea or good old cold cream is perfectly adequate too. Remember: the healthier your skin is, the more it can take and recover from!

Q: Do I need to buy a gimp suit/wear leather/come in a mask?

No. There is no dress code for Slayers - as it is mainly Domestic style Discipline, clothing can be your work attire or just informal wear. Some chaps like to wear frilly knickers under their trousers as a surprise for the ladies when they are taken down.

Q: I have dietary requirements, will there be something I can eat?

The focus is more on the spanking action than the food, but we do provide a buffet lunch - there is always a vegetarian option, and if you have specific issues then please contact me in advance so I can advise.

Q: I'm really shy about coming in case I meet someone I know there...

It's highly improbable, but if you were to, bear in mind they are there for the exact same reason! 

Q: What implements do you have? Can I bring my own?

We have a vast array of implements of varying severity. All manner of canes, several tawses, many straps, slipper, carpet beater, wooden spoons, hairbrushes, wooden, perspex, silicone and leather paddles, crops and rulers, and a growing collection of gifted implements made just for the parties.
Of course, there's also plenty of proper hand spanking OTK, and those wishing it can be smacked on the legs or receive punishment on the hands too.
You are welcome to bring something to be used on you, as long as the ladies are happy to use it.

Q: What will the ladies be wearing?

Parties are not themed, so each lady will be in an individual outfit that she chooses - my request to them is "strict/glam/sexy" and "something you feel great in" and they never disappoint! There always seems to be plenty of stockinged leg and cleavage on show, which certainly works for me!

Q: I need to have relief after a spanking, do you provide that?

No, there's no sexual service or relief from the ladies. 

Q: Do I need to pay for each spanking session I have?

No. The entry fee covers all action and the buffet.  If you wish to have a drink, do feel free to bring your own bottle of your own choice - we have a fridge available to use in the venue, and plenty of glasses to use. 

Q: I'm really embarrassed about getting my bottom bared in front of people!

Well, for some people that's part of the allure of a public punishment, and, of course, the ladies are very happy to remind you of this during your sessions. However, should you be genuinely not able to reveal your bare bottom in front of the other gents (for the finale - there is no need for people to be watching the 1-2-1 sessions!) then please advise me of this beforehand and we can work something out. It should be noted that a bare bottom is the usual punishment format though, so you wouldn't be getting the full Slayer experience if you went all shy on us!

UK Mistresses and Disciplinarians attend the Slayers Spanking Parties in Central London for afternoons of Strict Lady CP/Corporal Punishment play in a discrete venue. Hand spanking OTK, Caning, Tawse on hands and bottom, spanking paddle, whip, hairbrush and many other safe, clean implements for a luxury spanking experience from top professionals.

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